Backup your marketing data in a private, secure database automatically

  • Use Zapier to collect data from unlimited sources
  • Store, organize and export your data at any time
  • Manage and add users to view data
  • White label for your company's brand

Here's how it works

CampaignVault is ruby on rails web software that is self-hosted with Heroku and connects to Zapier for 3rd-party app data storage.

Ruby on Rails App

Install on Heroku, Render, Linode Github Repo (Open Source)

Auto-Pilot Zapier Data Backup

Quickly manage all your data in one easy-to-use interface

Connect to Zapier

Third party apps such as MailChimp, Stripe and others are storing and collecting your data on their servers.

Capture Data

Use webhooks to connect apps and listen for data sent on each request based on trigger events.

Manage & Export

Capture your data and save into a database and manage using a simple interface to organize and export.


Easy to manage and view all the activity for each of your webhook databases with simple graphs on your dashboard. View a graph for all request activity and one for each database you have created.

Individual App Databases

Every request that hits your webhook URL is recorded into a database that you can view, sort and export your data. Each webhook URL gets a table to easily view all your data with a graph to view activity.

Customize Table Columns

Quickly customize how your tables look by changing the columns to change how your data is shown. You can customize what data is shown on your tables to make easier to export and use in any 3rd party service you want.

Admin Controls

Quickly manage all your data in one easy-to-use interface

Manage Unlimited Users

Admin controls for complete user management including creating users on fly with full control over the limits of each user. You can set limits for Campaigns, Apps, Databases and even how many records each user can store.

Each User Gets Their Own Account

Every admin can create unlimited users that each have their own account and can connect to their own Zapier account. With the White Label rights included you can sell access to the app with it completely customized with your logo.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have your own questions contact us today!

Is CampaignVault Free?

No, it is self-hosted web software with a one-time price.

What are Webhooks?

Webhooks simply POST data to a specific URL every time an app triggers an event. Using the "Webhooks by Zapier" app you can make the process much simpler with access to 1000s of apps.

How Do I Use CampaignVault?

After purchase you will be sent an email with "Transfer of Ownership" of a Heroku hosting plan that is running the software ready to go. You will also receive a backup copy of the source code for the software.

How Much is Hosting?

Hosting with Heroku will cost at mininum $14/m which will give you everything you need to keep CampaignVault running at high performance 24/7. If you need more space in your database (max 10) you can upgrade your postgres database to 10M for additional $9/m.

Can I Use a Different Hosting Platform?

Yes, however we only provide support for Heroku.

Do I Need a Zapier Account?

No, however it is highly recommended to use the Zapier Webhook app for best results giving you control over which content is sent to CampaignVault.

Can I Export My Data?

Yes, at any time you can export your data to a .CSV file with the same data that you see on your screen within the CampaignVault app.

Keepin' it Simple

We know you don't want to pay to access for your own data

MIT License Open Source

  • Free updates
  • Installation onto Heroku or Free
  • Unlimited domains, apps, users
  • Whitelabel (add logo, sell access)
  • Source code to software

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Check out the free Ruby on Rails app and install it today and use it for your own business to save your and own your data! Github Repo (Open Source)

Open Source Code

If you would like to run this code on your server such as Heroku or Render. You can check out the open source code that is written in Ruby on Rails.

Preloaded Marketing Apps

Almost any app is supported*, included are the 50 best marketing apps with all Zapier apps!

* Any app that Zapier supports or supports webhooks directly from 3rd party apps.

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You are in control of your data.

"Private Self-Hosted Software" means you are hosting the software and only you have access to the app and database, this is for security and performance giving you confidence you are always collecting and storing your business data.

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